On the Road to Savings

Based in Squamish, Sarah logs a lot of kilometres for her commute and her time at work.  She drives up and down the Sea to Sky highway 5 times per week for work and often on weekends for play.  Depending on the day, she may work in Whistler, Pemberton and Mount Currie, so her round trip can be over 200 km.  Working in health care, she must be on the road no matter the weather. Some winter days require a white-knuckle drive through sudden storms, icy conditions, and dark evenings.

Her older-model gas-powered car wasn’t making this commute any easier.  With gas prices rising, she was logging between $500 – 700 per month in fuel costs related to her commute. Maintenance costs were also becoming unpredictable, with some unexpected expenses and repairs putting pressure on her savings.  Feeling frustrated and fed up, she decided on a whim to sell her gas guzzler and purchase an EV!

Sarah purchased a new Chevrolet Bolt a few years ago and hasn’t looked back. She took advantage of the government incentives to purchase it new. Now, her maintenance costs are negligible – mainly just replacing worn tires. She often stops at public charging stations between appointments which is ideal since her condo does not currently have an EV charger. Though her partner has another vehicle, they prefer to use the EV for skiing and other adventures on the weekends.  Winter driving can be unpredictable, but her car is responsive to changing conditions and she feels safe on the road. She has also learned how to plan for longer road trips and loves the EV experience travelling across BC.

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