No going back. Living all electric in Castlegar

Road trips are still a great joy and not a problem with so many chargers everywhere. I’ll own EV forever now. No going back.

Jon, Castlegar, BC

Jon lives in Castlegar and drives much more than the average BC commuter. We’re talking about nearly 100,000 km in two years. Even a hybrid vehicle was using too much fuel for Jon’s liking, so the switch to an electric Nissan Leaf was in order.

No more pumping gas. Jon’s Nissan Leaf beside an abandoned gas station.

No pump, no problem

“I’ve always loved road trips,” Jon writes, “and I’ve always had a passion for technology and the future of the planet. I got frustrated filling up my fuel efficient Prius twice a week that I figured it was finally time to take the leap and go electric. Now I wake up with enough electricity to last my day, not needing to plan extra time to stop at the pumps. Even with the range of the 2018 Nissan Leaf, road trips are still a great joy and not a problem with so many chargers everywhere. I’ll own EV forever now. No going back.”

All electric kilometres

“With just over 98,000km on the Leaf, I’ve saved over $1600 in fuel and maintenance expenses from switching from a Prius to the Leaf. I did burn through my first pair of tires quickly; instant torque is too much fun.” 

See more of Jon’s EV travels on Instagram @kootenayleaf

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