Living Future Forward

Dale is a retired pilot living in the Comox Valley. He has always been fascinated by technology and is passionate about helping the world in whatever little ways he can. Dale followed the electric vehicle industry for about six years. Then, in 2016, he took his wife Laurel for a spontaneous birthday test drive in a Nissan Leaf. They loved it so much they purchased one that day and would fight over who drives it almost every day since.

Dale has always embraced what the future might bring. He did plenty of research into electric vehicles before purchasing one, and he mapped out his driving habits, concluding that he and Laurel don’t take many long trips. Therefore, he never had range anxiety. One time he made it from Nanaimo to Victoria on a full charge (remember the early Leafs didn’t have much range). The fast charger in Duncan was busy, and he thought he had enough power to complete the trip. He nearly ran the battery to zero going up the Malahat Highway, but gained enough regenerative power going downhill toward Victoria to arrive at the charging station without worry.

Since the Federal incentives were released in May 2019, Dale bought their 2nd E.V. – a Tesla Model 3. It arrived four weeks later and life couldn’t be sweeter. When asked how his life has changed since going fully electric, Dale answers with “… more smiles!” Having two EVs frees up Dale and Laurel’s time by not having to stop at gas stations or wait around for oil changes and other car maintenance. Charging at home is convenient, and if they are just doing trips around town, they only need to charge once a week.

Dale has been an advocate for electric cars in his community by speaking at public events about the benefits of going electric. Dale also has solar panels on his roof, and is setting an example for his grandchildren by making lifestyle choices that help the environment and thereby reduce the impacts of climate change.

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