Electric vehicles are affordable.

For real. With no belts and spark plugs, oil and exhaust, maintenance is a breeze. Plus, charging costs approximately 75% LESS than fueling up with gas. Electric vehicles make financial sense.

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Electric vehicles are for everyone.

Not just luxury cars; there are affordable electric vehicles too. Not just for city drivers; rural communities have charging stations, too. Not just for running errands close to home; take a road trip.

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Electric vehicles are easy.

Charge up at home, while you’re sleeping. Charge up at the grocery store, while you’re shopping. Preheat the car on a cold day without harmful and expensive idling. The electric life is the simple life.

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Check out the electric vehicles available in BC today

Variety—it’s here! There are electric family sedans and electric SUVs, too. There are electric sportscars and electric hatchbacks, as well. The options are staggering. And exciting!

No matter what kind of vehicle suits your lifestyle, there is likely an electric vehicle in British Columbia available for you. There is also an ever-growing network of charging stations and the possibilities to take road trips all over the province of BC are always expanding.

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We know a lot about electric cars. Ask us anything.

Curious why music sounds better in an electric car? Or why the ride feels smoother than a traditional gasoline powered vehicle? Want to know which electric vehicles have the largest range? Or what the most affordable electric vehicle is? We have the answers. And we want to give them to you.

Ask us anything.

Electric vehicle events in BC

Come explore and test drive electric cars to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

The electric vehicle ownership journey

Larry’s journey through electric vehicle ownership has been a path from plug-in hybrid to fully electric, to charging infrastructure research for condo buildings and now educating other drivers who want to go electric.

A DOGgone good reason to go electric

Danielle trains guide-dogs and lives in Duncan, BC. In 2019, she decided to buy an electric vehicle. She researched cost-of-ownership and believed that her yearly operating costs would be reduced.

Measurable Change for a Lighter Footprint

The payback for investing in an EV takes only 4-5 years for most. Holden is based in Squamish and first made the switch to electric when he purchased a 2016 Nissan Leaf. He loves driving electric and now owns a Tesla Model Y.

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Electric Car Resources

Community Outreach Incentive Program

The Emotive Community Outreach Incentive Program, funded by the Province of British Columbia, offers support and funding to communities and local governments in British Columbia to assist with delivering Emotive electric vehicle (EV) outreach.


CleanBC Go Electric Program

The Province of British Columbia’s CleanBC Go Electric Program and policies encourage and accelerate adoption of electric vehicles for their environmental and economic benefits.

Clean BC

Fortis BC

Fortis BC helps their customers plug in to cleaner energy sources for transportation by expanding the number of electric vehicle charging stations in British Columbia.

Fortis BC

Plug In BC

Plug In BC is a program of the Fraser Basin Council, working with government, industry, community groups, and institutions. It provides information and support around plug-in vehicles and charging throughout British Columbia.

Plug In BC

Find a charging station

See a real-time map of charging stations.

Find a charging station

BC Hydro

Get Power Smart: See BC Hydro’s guide to owning, charging, and travelling with an electric vehicle.

BC Hyrdo